I am Sandi's neighbor.  I was hesitant to try any of the other therapists but needed a massage one day when she wasn't available.  I took a chance on Daphne and loved her massage.  Then neither she or Sandi was available so I tried Dianne the next time.   Having received great massages from everyone, I next tried Valentina.  Now I don't worry about Sandi not being available.  I have options!   
​ Linda C  - Piedmont

I have to admit that I was a skeptic.  One of my friends told me about The Balanced Body Shoppe.  I had been to a number of massage therapists and didn't really think there could be much difference.  I am glad that I was proven wrong.  The moment I walked into the shoppe, I felt my stress level drop.  It smelled so great (I've since learned more about aromatherapy).  This new therapist asked me what results I was looking for and encouraged me to be quiet and listen to the wonderful music but to speak up if I needed her to work deeper or lighter.  I never spoke up.  The massage was the best I have ever had.  All of the other therapists I had seen talked incessantly and I never knew the joy of quietness.  What  a revelation!  She also taught me that it was okay to speak up if I didn't like the music, needed a pillow or anything else for my comfort.  My search is over.  I've found the best and have no intentions of looking elsewhere.  Thank you Sandi for re-inventing the massage session for me!  Since that day 18 years ago I have tried several of the other therapists at the BBS and can highly recommend any one of them.    
​Norma, Greenville


Some people get a massage every once in a while to treat themselves.  From that perspective, I appear self-indulgent, as I typically go to the Balanced Body Shoppe every 10 days to two weeks!  It has become a regular part of my health routine since I first tried it approximately 15 years ago.  It keeps my stress level in a range I can better handle and it relieves the pains of aging that can interfere with exercise.  I love the deep tissue massage and have also tried the hot rocks and the massage cupping.  The therapists are very professional, yet caring. While I have one therapist whom I go to most often, when she is unavailable I am very comfortable being with the other therapists at the BBS.  Give it a try!  Perhaps, as with me, massage will become a healthy habit for you too!  
Lesley - Greenville, SC

I can highly recommend either Sandi or her staff to give an unforgettable massage.  You will  feel so wonderful and totally relaxed you will only wish you could return on a daily basis!  I have been suffering with carpal tunnel issues and massage cupping to  my hands and arms helps to relieve my pain.  What a blessing I have found at The Balanced Body Shoppe.  -- Carolyn G - Greenville

Our clients are the best and we love working with each and every one of them.  Thanks so much to those of you who have  taken the time to write something for the BBS website!  You are the reason we come to work every day and we love hearing that what we do gives you relief and is a part of your life.  To those of our clients who haven't told us but would like to share, please use our contact page to send your thoughts to us.  It is your comments that future clients will read and will help them decide whether or not to visit us.  Thank you!    Sandi Russ - Owner and Therapis

I have been a client of the Balanced Body Shoppe and Sandi Russ for the past 14 years.   She impressed me that very first day.  Not only did she require me to complete a long health history before our session, she went over my answers  prior to starting my first session.  I knew then that I was dealing with a  professional who was interested in my health and well-being.  I was asked about my expectations and told what to expect during the massage.  She stressed that  I should feel free throughout the session to tell her if the pressure was too much or not enough or if I needed anything else to make me comfortable.   Not only were my expectations met, they were exceeded!  That first session was one of the most truly relaxing experiences I ever had in my life!  Throughout the years, there have been several areas that I have stressed and, even when I don't speak up, she will ask me, “What did you do to your arm (back, calf, etc.)?”  I am so impressed that she is able to distinguish these areas without my having to tell her.  Prior to any session, she always asks if there is anything  that needs particular attention.  After the session, she gives suggestions to take home (stretching, posture, topical lotion, etc.) that will help heal the area.  She even retrieves her anatomy book to show me the exact muscle(s) that are stressed or involved so that I can better visualize and do self help techniques at home and work. I have recommended the Balanced Body Shoppe to so many friends and have purchased gift certificates for birthdays and special occasions.   Everyone thanked me and raved about their massage.   I've received gift certificates from spas for relaxation massage, but none of them come close to the professionalism and expertise of Sandi Russ.  (My husband now knows not to buy anywhere else!)  I trust her to be sure all her staff is professional and has been active in their professional society.  She keeps current with the latest techniques for her profession. Not only does Sandi treat me with respect, she makes me feel welcome and at ease.  She is easy to talk to and has a kind, caring spirit.  I cannot say enough good things about Sandi and the Balanced Body Shoppe.  It is my favorite place to go for a relaxing massage.  ----------- Karen C.- Greenville, SC    

I thought I had to learn to live with debilitating pain for the rest of my life after I broke my back in college.  Imagine my joy at finding (years later) that getting regular massage could help with managing my pain.  After a year of weekly massages I had my first pain free vacation!  Not only that, but with the stretching that was encouraged by the staff and other helpful hints, I actually found that after a year I measured a full inch taller than before I started!  I am definitely a believer that soft tissue injuries can be helped with regular massage therapy.     --------------Patty - Simpsonville     

 I am told that Bob Hope received a massage every day.  Look how long he lived and was active.  While I can't get one every day, I do make sure that I get one as often as possible.  Sometimes it's only once a month.  Other times I may come two weeks in a row.  And if I do somehow strain or sprain something, it helps knowing that I can call on The Balanced Body Shoppe to help me get back in shape again.                       ---------  Lisa, Williamston

I look forward to my massage.  It keeps me sane and gives me something to look forward to for myself.  I am learning self help techniques and gaining a better appreciation for my body.  And I am learning how to be "still" and quiet and to let my mind rest after a hectic day at work.  I love the early morning appointments occasionally as they seem to start my day off right.  Sometimes I come during the evening and sometimes on a Saturday.  I have seen all of the therapists at the Shoppe and like receiving the different work.  They are all great and treat me like royalty!    ----------Lisa  - Greenville

I have been a client of the Balanced Body Shoppe for many years and I can guarantee there is no better place to receive a massage.  My husband as well as my children have experienced the many benefits that come from a massage. Sandi Russ is our favorite but the others are wonderful too. Two of my children swim year round and have had hamstring and shoulder issues. Sandi is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of the body and knew exactly what would benefit them. They were able to get right back to swimming. She also took the time to show them ways to stretch the areas which were tight. The staff is dependable and will tailor the massage to meet your particular needs. The benefits of massage are great and I have personally experienced increased circulation, better lymph drainage and sleep quality, less stress and tension, relief from sports injuries, and the list goes on. Sandi will always take the time to show me stretches I can do on my own and make suggestions on what I can do to improve my condition. It amazes me everyday. The staff at the Shoppe will work with you to achieve the relief you desire. They will assist you in establishing a treatment plan that best meets your particular needs, even referring you to other types of therapies (outside their shoppe) if they feel it might help you.  Getting a massage always does me a world of good. This form of regularly scheduled self-care plays a huge part in how healthy and youthful I feel with each passing year.  ------------Lauren Brown -  Greenville