Reflexology or Foot Massage

                     Standard / Discounted Pricing 

 Half Hour      $43 / $38

One Hour      $70 / $65

Add MediCupping ™$15 / $10

Add Foot Wrap (Mint Masque) $15 / $10

Reflexology has been used for centuries to relieve stress and to work the meridians that run throughout the body and subsequently through the feet. Simply by working points in the feet one can positively affect the well-being of the body.  Sometimes you don't want a full body massage but just want your feet massaged; sometimes you want Reflexology to work those points that affect specific parts of your body or organs.

Aromatherapy or Specialty Lotions / Oils -  Add $3 - $10 depending on choices

All of our massage sessions use unscented lotion or oil depending on the treatment that you request. You may upgrade your session to include specialty products as follows:

Comforting Massage Oil- essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile and Patchouli are combined with Grape Seed, Apricot and Almond Oils to provide a full spectrum of emollient properties.  

Pure Cocoa Butter - yummy chocolate and great for your skin

Virgin Coconut Oil - love the smell and it is a moisturizer that can't be beat! Use both Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil and you'll smell like a candy bar!

Dr. Singha’s Mustard Rub- wonderful for circulation and for detoxing your body.  But you have to be ok with mustard scent! 

Egyptian Oil - Peanut Oil based with Sassafras and Fir Needle oil - good for arthritic conditions - smells outdoorsy.


Other specialties may be available at the time of your service.

Additional Services

MediCupping Therapy ™         Standard Pricing / Discounted Pricing

               Face Only (Approx. 1/2 hour) $55 / $50            

               For the Body (Approx. 1 Hour) $85 / $80

Honey Treat Back Massage

                                          Half Hour $58 / $48

                                          One Hour $80 / $75

Warm or Cold Stones

      Add to any hour or longer session with advance notice $25 / $20

All of our therapists have received additional training in various specialties of their choice. Please talk to us about your expectations so that we are better able to work with your particular needs and suggest which therapist (s) you might want to work with for differing types of specialty work.. Some see all of our therapists; others choose to see only one or two. The choice is always Yours.

Classic Massage Rates 

Please note that our massage therapy offerings are actual hands on time and not the shortened time that you have come to expect at other businesses.  (** See note below and read about our reservation and cancellation policy)   All massage sessions include basic Swedish, Deep Tissue, general acupressure and other massage modalities that each therapist has studied.  Experienced therapists use various techniques and are able to incorporate multiple disciplines into each massage to meet your individual needs. You are encouraged to receive massage from different therapists in order to receive the benefits of their individual knowledge.

Please tell your therapist if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant so that we can schedule you with a knowledgeable therapist for this specialty massage. There is no extra charge for this. While it is not required for a therapist to be certified in Pre and Post Natal massage in order to do massage for those who are pregnant, we do have some therapists who ARE certified.

Standard Pricing / Discounted Pricing for New Client or Client Receiving at Least One Massage EACH Calendar Month

1/2 Hour Massage $43 / $38

45 Minute Massage $60 / $55

One Hour Massage $70 / $65

75 Minute Massage $90 / $85

90 Minute Massage $105 / $98

2 Hour Massage $130 / $125

** Late arrivals will receive the remainder of their reserved time. “No Shows” or cancellations of less than 24 hours may be required to pay for the reservation in full if we are unable to fill the time that has been reserved for you.


Please note that our pricing shows both a discount for new, first time clients who tell us they found us on this website and also shows our standard pricing.   We make it easy for you to keep the discounted price simply by making at least one visit per calendar month.  No fuss, no mess, no membership, no debit or credit card required!  Simply visit us at least once each calendar month. While each therapist is self employed, we all currently offer the same pricing to clients.

Each therapist accepts CASH or local checks with appropriate local ID.  At this time none of us accept credit or debit cards.


Other special pricing is offered periodically.  You may receive those notifications by signing up for our email newsletter.  Send an email to me and include your name, phone #, physical address and email address and you will be added to our list! 

Email me at and request that I sign you up for the BBS News.  Then be sure to add my email to your address book so that your server will not think it is spam when you get emails from The Balanced Body Shoppe.

How are our prices different from Other Spas and Massage Therapy Businesses?

At The Balanced Body Shoppe you get a full hour on the table when you schedule an hour massage (opposed to the industry standard of 50 minutes, leaving you 10 minutes to dress and undress).  Please be sure to arrive 5 - 15 minutes prior to your reservation so that we can start your session on time.

We do NOT charge extra for Deep Tissue work (an added value for which other spas charge as much as $10-20 extra).