This is NOT one of our therapists, but you can bet I have tried to find her .  Looks like she knows what she's doing.

You are encouraged to try ALL of the therapists to experience their differing styles of massage.  This also makes it easier to schedule that last minute appointment.


Each Therapist working out of the shoppe is a self employed therapist who sets her own hours and is responsible for all aspects of her business. For simplicity all appointments are currently scheduled through the main phone number. Please be sure to ask about payment when you see a different therapist. Currently our prices are the same, but that is subject to change.

The Atlanta School of Massage, Greenville Technical College and Southeastern School of Massage include some of the schools that have trained therapists working from the shoppe.

Each therapist's work becomes eclectic as she receives further training and learns new skills. No two therapist's work will ever be exactly the same for that reason because massage is both an art and a science. This is why we encourage you to consider experiencing the work of different therapists.

Some therapists work part time while others are full time.  This allows appointments early (before you go to work perhaps), during the day and in the evenings and on Saturdays.

Many clients come for preventive / wellness therapy or for relaxation massage.  We work with geriatric clients and with those who have had hip and/or knee replacement surgery (young and old). 

We also work with athletes (pre and post event) and "arm-chair" athletes.  

We work with those  who are facing illness or life challenges and need a gentle touch of healing.  Many of our new clients are referrals  from those who have been with us for years. 

Some are referred by their doctors or chiropractors for massage therapy.

Our youngest client to date has been 5 years old; our most senior client 100 years old. 

​So, no matter what your needs are for massage, it is likely that one or more therapist will be able to work with you. 
​If not, you will be referred to the appropriate venue.