Informative Links

Massage is a wonderful part of any search for wellness but there are always more ways and modalities that might be helpful for you on your journey through life.  What you put into your body is a factor in determining what you get out of it!  With that in mind I'm including some links that are not necessarily massage related but are "whole body" related.


Here are some other wellness friends of ours that might be of interest to you.  Feel free to let me know of any that you think BBS clients would be interested in so that I can add more links for your enjoyment.

My own Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Lammy



On-line natural health site (a host of good information when you are researching a subject) is Dr. Mercola.

Locally grown crops


NOW Foods - subscribe to their newsletter or learn more about their products.  We stock some of their products and can order others for you.

Local farms where you can buy organic or non-chemically treated foods.

Find natural spring water near you: