Berkey Water Filters

The Balanced Body Shoppe is pleased to offer a link for you to purchase Berkey Water Filter Systems. 

While massage is a hands-on service that supports your body, mind and spirit and is something that I can do to contribute to your overall health and well being, it is my goal to share with you other avenues that you may wish to pursue in your quest for wellness. 

Many people who receive massage therapy show signs of dehydration in their tissues and I often suggest that clients might consider drinking more pure water in order to hydrate their bodies while cutting back on dehydrating liquids such as sodas, tea, coffee and alcohol (which all contain caffeine and other dehydrating ingredients) in order to have healthier tissues.

Unfortunately, finding pure water is not as easy as it sounds!  Water in plastic bottles causes plasticizers to leach into the water.  Small pitcher type filters leave much to be desired as they basically only filter out chlorine.  Public water found in our houses and businesses are treated and disinfected with chemicals (such as chloramine or chlorides) and most add fluoride which many of us do not want in our water but have no choice about at this time.  While it is absolutely necessary to disinfect public water, it is not necessarily the end product that we want to drink without further filtration to remove those chemicals that we don't want to ingest.

Berkey Water Filter Systems are one way to make choices about the water you put in your body.  It only makes sense that you would want the best since your adult body is approximately 55-75% water according to most calculations.  (Babies and young children have higher percentages of water in their bodies!) 

If you are in the market for a top of the line water filter, simply click on the link below; it will take you to the Berkey Filter website BUT because you came through my website and were referred to them by me, you will get free shipping and I will get referral points from them (a win-win situation.)  You will deal directly with them on any purchase and on deciding which system may be right for you.

I love my Berkey Filter.  I chose the one that was the right size for my home and added the fluoride filters (an additional option) since I do not care to have fluoride in my water.  I use it for cooking and drinking.  However it is always good to know that it is so good that I could actually take pond water and filter it to drink if it were necessary.  They even make units to take camping, etc. for that very purpose.

Whatever your own needs are they offer multiple choices in size and filtering options.

I look forward to your thoughts and hearing back from you if you decide to check out Berkey Water Filters.  My experience with them has been excellent and I have every reason to believe that yours will be as well.

Berkey Water Filters