About our Owner

Sandi Russ, SC License #1304, is both the owner of The Balanced Body Shoppe and also one of the practicing therapists.

Sandi began her training at the Atlanta School of Massage in 1994 after learning first hand about the benefits of massage.   At  the time of her graduation, while there were no licensing requirements in South Carolina, she chose to study and test for her National Certification. This is an advanced, voluntary certification for massage therapists.  

Sandi has served on the South Carolina Governor's Advisory Panel and the Greenville Technical College Massage Therapy Advisory Board. 

Her volunteer work at both the state and national levels of the American Massage Therapy Association have spanned more than twelve (12) years.  She also has volunteered over the years with many local Greenville charitable organizations, including the Greenville Free Clinic.  Inspired by her niece's experiences with a life-threatening illness, she worked with the Greenville Hospital's Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (PHOC) to organize massage therapy for the children's retreats and involved  other local massage therapists to donate their time to this volunteer program.

Sandi's twenty plus years experience in massage therapy is preceded by an 18 year career in the Corporate world.   Getting massage was what helped her deal with the stresses of being a full time employee and a full time wife and mother of two. 

Massage became a "calling" when she injured herself and found that massage helped the recovery process more than any other modality she had tried.  This led to a new career and eventually to building a business with multiple therapists to handle the massage therapy needs of  The Balanced Body Shoppe clients.   Having multiple qualified therapists, who concentrated only on the practice of massage therapy, in one location has been her desire since she became a licensed therapist.   She was able to expand her practice after a few years of working alone and loves it when clients choose to see all of the therapists at the Shoppe.

​Sandi enjoys the variety of clients who come to the shoppe for therapy and has a genuine desire to help others as she herself was helped through massage therapy. She is further certified in Pre / Post Natal (Pregnancy) massage and in MediCupping™ Therapy.